As our client, you can expect the following services from the Cloud Protectors LLC team:


Cloud Security Consulting

As cloud technology is ever-evolving and innovating, it can be very difficult for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. This is where the Cloud Protectors team comes into the picture.

Our team of cloud experts analyzes the current state of your cloud strategy and comes up with practical solutions that will mitigate security risks and help your business yield the promised power of the cloud. Once you opt for our unmatched cloud security consulting services, you will start to see tangible and sustainable results from the get-go!

To learn more about how your firm stands to benefit from our cloud security consulting services, contact us today!

Cloud Security Staffing & Recruiting

Cloud Protectors, LLC is one of the few cloud service providers with cloud security expertise that crosses many different cloud platforms and providers. With this type experience and the expertise, we can identify many shortcomings in your cloud adoption approach.

This allows us to inform you in case we identify any gaps in expertise or experience as far as cloud security staffing is concerned. Our team of technical recruiters has both the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience needed to help you identify and vet skilled consultants that can be counted upon to shape the future of your cloud.

Don’t leave the success of your organization up to chance! Contact us today to ensure that you always hire the best individuals for your cloud security staff!


Cloud Security Broker Solution

If your team isn’t well-versed on how to customize the cloud to best fit the needs of your firm then we would love to help! The Cloud Protectors team serves as an effective cloud security broker that can act as an effective intermediary between the firm purchasing the cloud solution (i.e. you), and the firm selling the cloud solution.

As a cloud security broker, we provide the following services,

1. Integration

As a cloud integrator, we add value to your business by automating its workflows to ensure that all your employees have timely access to real-time data. We also facilitate the transition from one cloud model to another (if needed).

2. Aggregation

As a cloud aggregator, we package (i.e. integrate) multiple cloud security solutions and models into a single (i.e. more efficient) interface. This significantly reduces the probability of error and increases your chances of success in the long run!

3. Customization

As a cloud customizer, we edit your existing cloud model to perfectly cater to the needs of your business. This results in a substantial increase in your operational efficiency and can even lead to a spike in your productivity!

So, if you want to benefit from our cloud brokerage services as an integrator, an aggregator, a customizer, or any combination of the three, feel free to contact us! We would love to help you out!


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