Federal, state and local governments are migrating to cloud services to take advantage of greater collaboration, agility and innovation at lower cost. Government agencies are adopting these cloud services at a more rapid pace than years before. However, despite clear benefits, many government agencies are apprehensive about migrating to the cloud.

Cloud First Policy

As cloud security experts, we know of the many benefits that adopting the cloud can bring to the Government. We also know that a cloud security adoption approach is paramount when taking advantages of the many benefits of cloud computing

Introduced by the White House back in 2011, the Cloud First Policy dictates that the Federal Government has officially realized the potential benefits of cloud computing and now requires agencies to explore safe and secure cloud computing option before any agency procurement. Experts believe that this unique approach will not only make things safer for the end-user but will accelerate the rate of deployment of the cloud!


Although we are not a 3PAO, we have a comprehensive understanding of the Federal Government’s FedRAMP program which gives agencies an outline for a standardized approach to risk management and complaince.

As innovation and technology have progressed at an exponential rate in the 21st century, we’ve all been playing catch up to the latest trends in the industry. This underlines the need for a standardized approach to cloud computing because the lack of a standard model leaves us exposed to the dangers of cyber-attacks.

Finally, with the launch of the FedRAMP model, we can help government agencies at all levels make the jump from an insecure and tedious IT model to a faster, more secure, and more reliable IT model! More details about the FedRAMP program can be discovered. here

IT Modernization

As a pure play cloud security solution provider, we provide innovative security solutions that can be counted upon to function reliably when needed and some are already FedRAMP approved. Our cloud security strategies help our clients optimize the cloud to their needs so that they have a very easy task as far as achieving IT modernization in a secure and complaint manner. More information about our services can be discovered. here


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