Who We Are and What We Do

Cloud Protectors, LLC is a pure play cloud security solution provider. Our team takes great pride in our ability to provide customized cloud security solutions that align with our clients cloud security approach and business goals.

We have the capability to secure public cloud, private cloud, and even hybrid cloud environments; with best of breed cloud security technologies and expert cloud security professionals our clients can be assured that they are compliant and secure.

What makes Cloud Protectors unique is our strategic partnerships, our approach to  developing cloud security solutions, our guiding principles and our cloud security professionals.

Our repertoire includes the likes of,

  • Cloud Security Solutions for Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
  • Cloud Security Consulting Services
  • Cloud Security Staffing & Recruiting Solutions
  • Cloud Security Broker Service
Cyber Protection in the Cloud!

Biggest Cloud Security Concerns to Organizations


Data Loss


Leakage Data


Privacy Confidentiality

Why Choose Us?

We Provide Innovative Cloud Security Solutions for our clients that align with their Cloud Adoption Approach.

Cloud Security Solutions

If your cloud workloads handle sensitive or regulated data (e.g. PII, HPI, etc.) then you need to take steps to ensure that your organization data is safe and protected from threats. We rely on the most innovative cloud security solutions and industry research to protect your sensitive data in the cloud from harm!

Cloud Security Broker Solutions

As a trusted cloud security advisor, we ensure our clients have options to choose the most optimal cloud security solutions that meet their needs. With our cloud expertise, industry relationships, and cloud security partnerships we are able to broker the best deals for clients.

Cloud Security Consulting

The world of the cloud is ever-changing which is why it’s always in your organizations best interest to get an expert on board! This is where the Cloud Protectors team comes into the picture. We provide you exceptional cloud security advice on how to enhance the quality of your cloud strategy and what steps you can take to minimize risk!

Cloud Security Staffing & Recruiting

We understand that our clients don’t have the in-house expertise of cloud security. Our cloud security staffing solutions are designed to identify any gaps and weakness our client face and delivery the right cloud security professional to meet their needs. Contact us today to protect your cloud from the ever-looming danger of cyber attacks

Our Mission

Is to ensure protection happens for our clients operating in the cloud.

Our Vision

To be on the forefront as the trusted provider of choice for aligning cloud security solutions with our client’s cloud adoption strategy.

Guiding Principles

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Results oriented
  • Customer service
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability

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